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About Us

Are you looking to design a T-shirt for your business or a professional event? Or perhaps you are organizing a family party and want fun matching T-shirts for everybody to wear. Whatever the purpose, you can create a fabulous design for your T-shirt with T-Shirt Studio NY. We have a fantastic selection of samples created by professional designers that are the perfect starting point. All you need to do is pick the one you like, customize it and have it printed. Simple as 1-2-3!

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Shoes Man Casual

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Shoes Man Sport

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Hiking Boots

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How your custom T-shirt printed

At T-Shirt Studio NY, we take great pride in being eco-conscious and placing sustainability at the forefront. We always try to use materials and processes that are the least damaging to our environment.

Other printing companies in New York have minimum quantities of T-shirts that must be ordered for printing. Our printing is more cost-effective because we only print as many T-shirts as you require. We don’t have to print in bulk and therefore generate less garment waste and overruns. Our printing techniques also produce more vibrant colors and higher-quality results. Perfect for detailed and colorful designs and images.

Vinyl Printing and Stickers

No one likes it when the design starts to peel off their shirt! We use state-of-the-art vinyl printing technology to ensure your shirt looks awesome!

Commitment To Quality

Are you tired of cool designs on terrible shirts? Quality should never be a compromise. We want you to enjoy our designs for years to come.

Excellent Customer Service

If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come.

about t-shirt studio ny custom unisex sweatshirts gildan

T-Shirt Studio NY uses the best quality material

Cotton is a natural fiber that is soft, comfortable and breathable – the ideal material for T-shirts. Cotton blends have the comfort of cotton but are less prone to shrinkage and tend to be more lightweight. At T-Shirt Studio NY, we use 100% combed cotton T-shirts for extra softness. Our youth T-shirts have extra durability because they are made of 100% combed cotton fine jersey. So not only will your custom-made T-shirts look amazing, but they will feel great to wear too and remain in good condition even after ample use.

Our Local Prints

From the heart of towns around us…

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stock prints t-shirt studio ny sweatshirt
stock prints t-shirt studio ny t-shirt
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How to design your custom T-shirt with T-Shirt Studio NY

With T-Shirt Studio NY, you can design your own T-shirt quickly and easily without the need for installing any specific graphic design software. Simply use our online tool wizard for step- by-step guidance to create your design. Our drag-and-drop design screen makes it easy to add your own photos and text. Just remember to ensure that your final design is at least 300 PPI so that it won’t become pixelated when printed. Our advanced software and printing techniques will ensure that your artwork and design look as vibrant on the T-shirt fabric as you intended.

T Shirt Studio RVA

How to order custom

Discover how easy it is to create your own custom-made T-shirt with our T-SHirt Studio NY designing tool. It makes designing funky graphic T-shirts a breeze. So, unleash your inner fashion designer and get creative!

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